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Jesus and Zacchaeus

Posted on 06 January 2018 by James (0)

The story of Jesus and Zacchaeus is a very common one. The story shows how merciful God is.¬†Zacchaeus was a tax collector sinner and many avoided him. He treated people unjustfully and took their belongings forcefully.¬† He was seen as a bad man. When he had Jesus was passing by he tried seeing Jesus but couldn’t.

The story has been told for over 2000 years and alot of lessons can be learnt from this story. The story of zacchaeus is a very popular one. There are many other sinners in the bible that had encounters with Jesus.  We might not be able to post all here. You can follow christian watch for more. The story of Jesus and the tax collector is no doubt a eye opener and revelation of how merciful our Lord Jesus is


Jesus and Zacchaeus video: